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    The high-hygienic state achieved by the EH-3 design preserves the refrigerated shelf life of ultra-pasteurized product. ELL refrigerated packaging reduces product returns from expired short-term pull dates, and takes advantage of distribution economies with fewer, larger deliveries to more distant outlets, and drives brand building with large billboard area on each side panel.

    ELL Features

    Environmental Control Systems including Dual ISO 5 (Class 100) HEPA, Auto Sanitize, Self-Contained CIP/SIP, Carton Decontamination System utilizing 35% H2O2, and Hermetic Filling System
    Consumer-friendly SPOUT-PAK® resealable cap available for this model.

    Similar Products

    EH-3S (Slim) packaging machine is based off the same proven platform as Evergreen's EH-3 machine, and includes all of the same ELL features of the EH-3. The difference comes with a smaller cross-section of 3.45" x 3.45". This unique carton size provides a sleek, attractive package with great shelf presence, which is easy to hold and pour.

    The Ergonomic Infeed

    increases the half-gallon infeed capacity while making the loading of cartons more efficient and comfortable for the operators.

    • Fresh Half Gallon packaging machines
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