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The Fresh-Look Carton  — Comprar The Fresh-Look Carton, Precio de , Fotos de The Fresh-Look Carton, de Evergreen Packaging de El Salvador, SV. Materiales de embalaje en Allbiz El Salvador
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    Why Choose the Fresh-Look™ Carton?

    Build your brand and get noticed in the case! Adding a window will help create shelf appeal and enhance your brand. Fresh-Look™ cartons also satisfy two important consumer desires: to see the product and know when they are running low.

    How Does It Work?

    Custom windows can be created to enhance your carton design and differentiate your brand. Windows can be incorporated in a variety of shapes, sizes and positions, according to production specifications. Polymer film covers the window and area surrounding the window, and is heat sealed to the carton on the inside. No adhesives are used

    Consumer Ratings

    In AcuPOLL® consumer testing, consumers gave paper cartons with windows an overall "A" or "Outstanding" rating. Consumers believe it will be superior to current packaging options at providing key benefits such as:

    • Making the product inside more appealing
    • Allowing them to easily see how much is left inside
    • Being made from a renewable resource

    A Fresh Approach to Delighting Consumers

    With the Fresh-Look carton, not only are you choosing a package rated by consumers as "Outstanding" in the category of "New and Different," but your brand also reaps these benefits offered by all Evergreen Packaging cartons:

    • Billboard effect for brand messaging - Full color lithographic printingthat provides photographic quality imagery, impeccable detail, and accurate color reproduction
    • Space on side panels for environmental messaging, nutritional labeling, brand messaging
    • Recycling is the #1 environmental benefit consumers look for in packaging. A qualified recyclable logo is available for on-carton use.
    • The Fresh-Look Carton
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